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Detective services

At CENTURION loss prevention, we understand that security challenges in the modern world require more than just standard measures. Our detective services go beyond the traditional boundaries of protection to provide a proactive and specialised approach to crime prevention and detection. We use a combination of traditional detective methods and advanced technology to provide comprehensive protection for our clients.
Description of Detective Services

Private Investigator Services

Our private detective services offer thorough investigative sleuthing, combining classic sleuthing techniques with modern technology to uncover the truths hidden beneath the surface. For our clients, this means secure access to sensitive information and evidence that is crucial to personal and professional decision making.

  • Our private investigator services include a wide range of investigative searches that focus on obtaining information, clarifying unclear circumstances, gathering evidence or tracking people and property.

  • We offer discreet background investigations for private individuals and businesses, whether it be searching for missing persons, verifying allegiances, or investigating suspicious activities of employees.

Detective in the Department Store

Our store detectives play a key role in protecting property and preventing petty theft. They are trained to work invisibly, in plain clothes, yet effectively identify and confront criminals in a timely and law-abiding manner.

  • Our presence in department stores focuses on minimizing losses due to petty theft. Our detectives are trained in unobtrusive surveillance and effective intervention, and are equipped to identify and capture offenders on the spot.

  • We work with malls to develop strategies that make shoplifting more difficult and safer for customers and employees.

Mobile surveillance

CENTURION loss prevention mobile surveillance delivers a dynamic security service that is always ready to respond to your calls. With our response vehicles equipped for quick and decisive action, we ensure your security is constantly monitored and protected.

  • Our mobile surveillance services offer a flexible and rapid response to security incidents. Response vehicles are equipped with the latest communication and tracking technologies, allowing for effective surveillance and immediate intervention.

  • We provide both regular patrols to check designated locations and on-demand surveillance, which is ideal for situations where constant supervision is not required but a quick response to a call is needed.

Expertise that protects

At CENTURION loss prevention we place great emphasis on detail and quality in our detective services. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide services that not only respond to immediate threats, but that also help predict and prevent future security issues. Our services are the foundation for creating a safe environment in which our clients can feel at ease and worry-free.