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Physical security

Physical security is the cornerstone of any organisation's security strategy. At CENTURION loss prevention, we understand that effective physical security involves more than just surveillance; it's about creating a safe environment where people can feel protected. With our deep understanding of our clients' diverse security needs, we provide services that exceed traditional expectations.
Physical security of objects and persons.

Overview of physical security

Our services are designed to provide comprehensive protection and security in a variety of environments and situations. Each category of service is specifically tailored to the needs of our clients and the nature of the environment in which they operate.
  • Guards: We offer specialized guards for various types of environments: Buildings and Industrial Areas, Shopping Centers, Public Spaces and Cultural Facilities

  • Receptionist Services: Our receptionists are the face of your company, providing a first impression while providing security oversight.

  • Bodyguards: Personal protection for individual security needs with the utmost discretion.

  • Dog handlers: Utilizing trained dogs to enhance security and prevent unauthorized entry.

  • Inspectors and Patrolmen: Providing regular inspections and errands for preventive security measures.


Construction and Industrial Areas:We specialize in the protection of construction and industrial areas, where the emphasis is on the prevention of theft, vandalism and other security risks. Our guards here perform:

  • Controlling access to the premises

  • Monitoring security cameras

  • Conducting security patrols

  • Rapid response to security incidents

Malls and Public Spaces:For malls and public spaces, we provide security services that are focused on providing a safe and pleasant environment for visitors and employees. Services include:

  • Preventative surveillance of public areas

  • Providing public order

  • Collaborating with local authorities to resolve incidents

  • Assisting visitors and providing information

Cultural Facilities:We offer specialized security for museums, galleries, visitor centers and monuments where, in addition to basic protection, we convey to visitors a sense of security and respect for cultural heritage. Our services in these environments include:

  • Specific oversight with respect to the protection and presentation of art and historical collections

  • Security enhancement during major cultural events and exhibitions

  • Collaboration with cultural institutions on emergency planning and incident response

  • Protection against theft and damage to valuable exhibits

Reception services

Our concierge services combine first-class customer service with an important role in your company's security system. Receptionists are responsible for:

  • Greeting and registering visitors

  • Managing entry and exit cards

  • Monitoring entries and exits

  • Providing information and directing visitors


Our personal protection services are designed for clients who require discreet protection for themselves or their loved ones. Bodyguards provide:

  • Personal protection in a variety of situations

  • Safe route planning and escort

  • Prevention against potential threats

  • Crisis management and rapid response in the event of a threat

Dog handlers

Teams of handlers and their trained dogs are indispensable, especially in situations where a high degree of vigilance and the ability to respond quickly to potential threats is required. We offer:

  • Patrols with trained dogs to enhance premises security

  • Detection of unauthorised entry and potential threats

  • Assistance with security checks

Inspectors and errand runners

This service focuses on preventative security measures and ensures that all security protocols are followed. The inspectors and errand runners perform:

  • Regular inspections and errands of the premises

  • Verifying compliance with security protocols

  • Rapidly responding to security alarms

  • Recording and reporting any irregularities