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Camera systems

In a time of constant technological advancement, CENTURION loss prevention comes up with leading solutions in the field of camera systems. From retail stores to large industrial sites, our services offer not only standard prevention, but also sophisticated video analytics capabilities that exceed traditional expectations.
Installation and projection of camera systems.

Comprehensive installation and service

  • We offer installation of a wide range of camera systems to suit the requirements of any space or application.

  • The combination of intelligent cameras and video analytics enables our clients to have complete surveillance of their assets.

A solution for every space

  • Indoor Cameras: We offer a wide range of cameras for indoor use that are discreet and efficient by design, suitable for monitoring even in low visibility.

  • Outdoor Cameras: Rugged outdoor cameras are equipped to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide high quality footage in any environment.

Wide range of applications

Our camera systems find their application in many different areas, including:

  • Retail Stores and Hypermarkets:Providing property protection and theft prevention, with the possibility of detailed monitoring of sales areas.

  • Homes and Private Residences: Enhancing personal security and protecting assets.

  • Banks and Financial Institutions:High security solutions to protect financial transactions and sensitive information.

  • Urban Spaces and Public Places:Support public safety and crime prevention.

  • Logistics Centers and Warehouses:Protect logistics operations and inventory.

  • Industrial Facilities:Comprehensive oversight of production processes and ensuring worker safety.

  • Educational Institutions:Securing schools and universities for a safe learning environment.

  • Healthcare Facilities:Protecting patients, employees and property in healthcare facilities.

Innovation and intelligence at every step

We use the latest technology to install indoor and outdoor cameras, intelligent systems and video analytics that enable license plate detection, facial recognition, human behavior analysis and much more. Our solutions are designed to meet each client's specific needs and provide the maximum protection possible.

  • We use the latest technology for license plate recognition, facial recognition and behavioral analysis to enhance the security and efficiency of monitoring.

  • Thermal Cameras and Multi-Lens Cameras: For specific applications, we offer solutions that enable accurate monitoring even in the most challenging conditions.

Client-oriented approach

  • We provide a personal consultation to understand your specific needs and design the system that will be most effective for you.

  • We provide complete training for your staff to fully understand the functionality and potential of the installed system.

Warranty and support

  • Every installation is backed by a service contract option and ongoing support from our technical team.

  • We offer ongoing system assessments and updates to ensure your security solution keeps up with the latest technologies and threats.

At CENTURION loss prevention, we're committed to making sure you not only feel safe, but stay safe - with advanced solutions that are always one step ahead. When it comes to protecting what's most valuable to you, count on our cutting-edge camera systems and professional team to ensure nothing escapes your attention.