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Security systems and technologies

At CENTURION loss prevention, we understand that perfect safety is the result of advanced technology, expertise and adaptability. We bring you a full spectrum of security solutions designed to protect what's most valuable to you, from cyber threats to physical crime.
Systems and technologies for safety.

Design and installation

Based on a thorough analysis of your needs, we create and implement technical solutions that are on the cutting edge of risk prevention and elimination. We offer a wide range of systems including Electrical Fire Alarm Systems (EPS), Fire Alarm Control Systems (FACS), Access Control Systems (ACS) and many more.

  • Electronic Fire Protection Systems (EPS):They are the foundation for fire protection, including smoke and heat detection, offering the fastest possible response to fire hazards.

  • Alarm and Emergency Response Systems (AERS): They provide a timely response to unauthorized entry or other security incidents, enabling rapid evacuation and response.

  • Access and Attendance Systems (AAS): They enable efficient management of access to facilities and record employee attendance, contributing to the safety and organization of the work environment.

  • Industrial Television Systems (CCTV): Offers real-time surveillance and recording for monitoring premises, identifying people and vehicles and verifying security events.

  • Intelligent Home and Smart City Solutions: Integrates security systems with home automation and smart city infrastructure management technologies.

  • Automated Control Systems:Includes energy and climate control to help protect assets and enhance comfort.

Comprehensive services

From initial conception to final implementation, our services include complete installation, management and regular review of your security systems. We are here to provide not only technical, but also cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Innovative technologies and intelligent features:

Intelligent Camera Systems and Video Analytics:Our systems constantly monitor and analyze what's happening in your facility to immediately identify security threats. From license plate detection to facial recognition to advanced behavioral analysis, we ensure you're in control.

Modern Access Control and Alarm Systems: Protecting your premises with the latest technology in industrial CCTV, Entry Key Identification Systems (EKVs) and much more, with the ability to integrate into a comprehensive security solution.

Our services include

Professional Analysis and Personal Consultation: To identify the specific needs of your organization or home and design the most appropriate security solution.

Complete Installation and Integration:We provide installation and seamless integration of new systems with existing technology and infrastructure.

Support and Maintenance: We offer regular reviews and service to ensure the ongoing reliability and functionality of installed systems.

Areas of application

Our systems and technologies find applications in a variety of environments, including:

  • Homes and apartment complexes for enhanced personal security

  • Malls, Retail stores and banks for asset protection and theft prevention

  • Industrial sites and logistics centers for monitoring production and storage processes

  • Public institutions, Schools and medical facilities for the security and protection of visitors and staff

CENTURION loss prevention is your partner in security. Our services are based on a careful assessment of your individual needs and will offer you solutions that exceed your expectations. Rely on us for state-of-the-art security technologies that provide not only protection, but also peace of mind.