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Centralized protection panel

At CENTURION loss prevention, we understand that security is an ongoing commitment that requires constant attention and advanced technology solutions. Our Centralized Protection Panels (CPP) are the heart of our security operations, providing 24/7 protection for your property, family and business. Our state-of-the-art surveillance center utilizes the latest technology to monitor, analyze and respond immediately to any security incidents or alarms.
Full spectrum protection

We guard your world around the clock

  • Continuous Monitoring:Our highly trained operators monitor your property around the clock using advanced security and CCTV systems, ensuring rapid detection and response to any unusual events.

  • Advanced Technology: CPP CENTURION loss prevention is equipped with the ability to connect and monitor nearly every type of security system available on the market, including telemetry data such as temperature, battery status and more.

  • Actual Response: In the event of an alarm, our operators immediately activate emergency response units to take quick action, minimizing potential damage and ensuring the safety of the facility and its occupants.

Security tailored to your needs

  • Certified Quality:Our CPP undergoes regular certifications and audits according to the ČSN EN 50518 standard, which ensures the highest standards of quality and reliability in the services provided.

  • Flexible Solutions:Whether you need protection for commercial premises, single-family homes or complex industrial sites, we offer a customized security solution that best suits your specific needs.

Wide range of CPP applications

CPP CENTURION loss prevention services find their application in a diverse range of areas and environments, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial Premises and Business Centers: Ensuring seamless and secure operations, optimizing operational costs and increasing business potential through comprehensive data.

  • Office Buildings:Increase control over office building operations, reduce operating expenses and increase tenant convenience with smart technology.

  • Retail and Retail: Ensuring smooth store operations, optimizing costs, reducing crime rates and providing unparalleled visibility into your business.

  • Residential Sectors:Family homes, condos, cottages and cabins where we provide privacy and security for you and your loved ones.

  • Industrial Areas and Logistics:Increase efficiency, better plan and control expenses in your business, improve overall business operations and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Public Institutions and Cities: Ensure property security, increase citizen convenience, reduce crime and save city expenses with smart technology.

All of these areas benefit from our customizable CPP services, which combine sophisticated technology with expertise to ensure all security needs are covered. With Centurion loss prevention, you have the assurance that your assets, whether personal or commercial, are protected with the utmost care and professionalism.

Why CPP?

  • Protecting Property and Lives: A quick and effective response in the event of a breach or alarm can save not only property, but also lives.

  • Cost Savings: The intelligent combination of electronic systems and physical security provides effective protection while reducing the costs associated with traditional physical security.

Satisfaction and Peace of Mind: With our CPP services, you gain peace of mind knowing that your valuables are protected by experts at all times.

In a time when security challenges know no boundaries and each facility faces its own specific risks, CENTURION loss prevention has come up with a solution that exceeds expectations - Centralized Protection Panels (CPP). These desks are your round-the-clock protection against all forms of security threats, whether it's commercial premises, residential areas or public institutions. We provide advanced monitoring and rapid response to ensure your maximum security and peace of mind.